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With more than 11 years of lawn care and maintenance experience, we focus each property to attack all weeds and provide optimum fertilization. Experience has also shown us that no two lawns are the same or respond in the same way to a certain type of treatment. That's why when you retain Collins Lawn and Maintenance Services, we will adjust the rate of applications of fertilizers and herbicides, constantly making adjustments to meet different lawn requirements.

Depending on the lawn and your landscapes needs, we use a variety of seasonal products that are applied as needed throughout the year.

We offer the following services:

Weekly Mowing

Core Aeration and Thatching

Initial/Seasonal Cleanup

One Time Cleanups and Hauling

We only offer weekly services on our maintenance accounts. We do not offer biweekly or monthly services.

Weekly Mowing Service

Years of experience with commercial Realtors, property management companies and homeowners have helped us in establishing the various levels of service required to satisfy our client's best interest. The beauty of our mowing service is that we offer a weekly service to our customers. Depending on your needs, our weekly service includes:

  1. Mowing.

  2. Trimming of areas along flower beds, fence lines, and other architectural structures are performed with each mowing service.

  3. Power-edging of all walkways and driveways.

  4. All lawn areas are cleaned of clippings, and walkways and adjacent street frontage are blown clear.

  5. Other services offered with weekly contract are as needed: spraying of weeds, trimming of plants and bushes as agreed.
This program is offered as a contractual service which normally runs from March through October. Invoicing, occurs once per month, for each month of the contract.

Core Aeration Program

Core Aeration is actually a way of cultivating your lawn by removing "plugs" of soil and leaving behind small perforations in the earth. These plugs are left on the surface to break down and dissolve, thereby top-dressing the lawn with organic matter which allows for root and new shoot development.

Advantages of Core Aeration
Increases water and air movement in the soil Relieves soil compaction
Allows products to reach the root zone Helps prevent thatch buildup
Performed in conjunction with overseeding Increases turf development

Aeration is ideal for all homeowners regardless of the condition of your present lawn. This is a fast and easy way to produce a healthy lawn by attacking cultural problems such as soil compaction and thatch accumulation. Overseeding is preferred with this option.

Continuing with the annual treatments is always recommended for producing the best long range results.

Fertilization after core aeration is available upon request for an additional charge.


Initial Clean Up

One time seasonal cleanups are available, initial clean ups for weekly contracts (if needed) come at an additional charge.


One Time Cleanups and Hauling

This service includes a timely response to a customers need for one time clean ups for spring, fall, events, parties and family gatherings. We also offer pine needle/pine cone and yard debris removal.


Payment Options

The following are the various types of payment options available to current and new customers for services that we perform:
  • Mowing Service Contracts: These contracts are usually from March through October, whereas the annual cost of mowing is billed monthly based on the number of weeks in each month for established lawn maintenance customers. Payments are due within 10 days.

  • Miscellaneous Service: Services such as mulching, pruning, leaf removal, reseeding/aerations, cleanup, lawn renovations, sprinkler timer programming, sprinkler head adjustments, etc. For these miscellaneous services, a written proposal with the cost of the work to be performed will be provided to the customer prior to accomplishing the work. Upon acceptance by the customer, they only need to call the office to arrange for a schedule date to have the work accomplished. This policy will assure you of the best possible price and a more timely service. Upon completion of the job, payment in full will be required. If you will not be present when the job is complete, payment must be left at the door or paid in advance.

  • Payment Options: Cash, Check or Credit Card. If you would like to pay by Credit Card, please call 541-480-9714. Checks should be mailed to the address below.


Serving both Residential and Commercial clients in Bend and Redmond Oregon.

Outlying areas considered depending on the size and frequency of job.

We charge by the job, NOT by the hour.

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